The Dolciani Mathematics Enrichments Grants (DMEG)

The Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grants were established in 2009 as a pilot project to provide middle or high school students the opportunity for learning mathematics beyond the regular classroom curriculum. The goal of the DMEG is to interest students in the study of mathematics and encourage them to further their mathematical studies. 

The grants are designed for middle or high school teachers to work in partnership with college and university mathematical sciences faculty to develop projects. Projects are to provide enrichment activities which lead to heightened interest in and appreciation of mathematics. Projects are designed to provide activities beyond classroom course work for students who show promise or interest in mathematics and are not intended for remedial help for students who need assistance in order to succeed in their course work in mathematics.

Undergraduate and graduate students may act as role models and work directly with students under the tutelage of faculty from both the college or university and middle or high school. Participating in the DMEG Programs should benefit graduate, college, and pre-college students.

Active engagement in doing mathematics and mentoring of each student participant are essential features. Students are made aware of career opportunities in mathematics and mathematically intensive disciplines.

The Foundation is particularly interested in projects originating from middle or high school teachers. Proposed programs may replicate existing successful programs, adapt components of such programs, or be innovative.

This program is administered through the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Approximately ten to twelve projects are funded each year. 

Application can be made through the Mathematical Association of America.