The Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center 

The Mary P. Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center is located at Hunter College in New York City.

The Learning Center opened in 1971 through a grant secured by Dr. Mary P. Dolciani. Its initial focus was helping under prepared students learn calculus and finite mathematics. As such, it was the first audio-visual mathematics learning center in The City University of New York and one of the first of its kind in the country.

Today, the Center continues to serve students at Hunter College by providing tutoring, multi media materials, problem sessions and study skills support.

It is a multi-purpose facility providing computer assisted tutorials, CDs, DVD and videotapes for students enrolled in all mathematics and statistics courses.  It is a tutoring center for most math courses and the basic statistics general education course. The Center also provides study groups for all areas of mathematics through Calculus III, acts as a classroom for pre-calculus, calculus, statistics and other upper level courses allowing instructors to conduct in-class demonstrations and explorations of mathematical and statistical concepts, via technology.

The Center has 100 computers and 12 DVD/VCR machines. 
The three classrooms can hold up to 200 students.